Our work


Pathways is comprised of 13 weeks of comprehensive coaching and mentoring per each cohort which prepares SRO’s target population to access and succeed in a higher or post-secondary education opportunity or launch a small business. In addition to coaching and mentoring, Pathways also provides a cadre of wraparound services which serve to lower noted barriers unique to the educational and entrepreneurial successes of low-income, single parents.

Career and College Access Center

The Career and College Access Center (CACAC) is a community resource for residents in the northwest Detroit Winship community and offers free access to high-speed internet, free use of professional-grade technology and accessory devices, and computer and career training, further meting out critical services that meet SRO’s mission to effect economic equality for underserved Detroit residents. Through the CACAC, community members will acquire skills necessary in gaining equitable access to professional or educational opportunities that net a livable wage toward achieving economic mobility and security.