Sistahs Reachin’ Out

Our Mission

The overarching mission of Sistahs Reachin’ Out is to move our city’s population of low-income single parents from situations of poverty and low-wage living to situations of economic security and mobility. We do this in two research-proven ways: through access to and completion of a 2- or 4-year degree or launch of a community-based small business or scale of an existing side hustle.

Our Programs


.Pathways is a 13-week coaching and mentoring cohort that prepares SRO’s target population to access a higher education or entrepreneurial opportunities. In addition to coaching and mentoring, Pathways also provide a cadre of wraparound services that lower barriers specific to the educational or entrepreneurial success of low-income, single parents.

Our graduates are the college students and business owners of today.

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Sistahs Reachin’ Out
17567 Hubbell Ave., Rm. 222, Detroit, MI 48235 USA

Sistahs Reachin’ Out